Much more than a band, this musical proposal was born among the
tables of Munich Okroberfest aiming to recreate what bavarians call Gemutlicheit:
a friendly and easy way of living the party ,typicall of the german feast !
After many years of constant presence (and many litres of beer )
has taken place into us the belief that one of the main ingredient of the fun
coming with this extraordinary happening is music:
each “biertent” hosts a band that gives the time of the toasts involving the guests
mixing traditional german folk with modern hits.
Hence the idea to perform the songs we’re fallen in love with arranging them in a
rock style making them straight-to-the-heart and explosive !
This is the birth of The McChicken Show, not a band like many other but a Rocktoberband,
whose purpose is to make the audience have fun not only entertaining it
but making it part of the show !
People standing on the benches, hands up to the sky, glasses resounding:
these are the side effects of this unusual line up,
these are the side effects of a hardly-forgettable show !

...and here we are:

Loris (Dr.Gallina) (DisneyWorld 1976). Vocalist, Doctor , Engineer, Guru , Great Theorist of Extreme “Gallinismo”.

Cisla (alias Dr.Was alias Mac) (Rio Carnival , 1978). Vocalist, Clown, President of F.I.G.A (italian acronym for International Auccidersen Games Federation).

Thomas (Padan Republic, 1975 ) : Guitar and Voice, known as Slow Hand for his attitude in quiet drinking.

Beretta Brothers (also known as Beer Brothers ):

Roby (Corbetta Town, 1975) : Guitar, also known as Bobby McChicken , vanguard of “shaker-guitar” technics.

Paolino (Corbetta Town, 1979). Bass, director of the B-movie “Burning Beer – Killer Draft”

Il Villa (Ulma, Wurttemberg, 1874). Drums, Vocals, also called Mc2 , unofficial alias of Quentin Tarantino.